Friday, 19 November 2010

Download Best Media Players

1. iTunes

You can download this media player on the internet or load it onto your computer with the CD that comes along with your iPod. You can play both media and video files with great ease. The library can accommodate thousands of songs and your computer will not freeze up.

2. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is very popular because sometimes movies cannot be played on players like Winamp or Windows Media Player. This is when the VLC media player becomes useful- it can play any movie in the world! People say that if you even put a photograph on it, it will start playing it!

3. Windows Media Player

This media player is definitely the oldest and was doing well even before anybody had heard of MP3 players and therefore, iTunes. However, try not to use it if you have a choice- it does not play certain songs if it is not in a particular format and will sometimes destroy the quality of your songs.

4. Nero Media Player

Nero is a software that is used to burn CDs and as far as its media playing facilities are concerned, it is pretty decent. It will not tarnish the quality of the video or the song. You can also create libraries and listen to one song after the other- a feature that is not supported by VLC Media Player.

5. Winamp

Winamp is as old as Windows Media Player and is pretty reliable because you can create folders of your favorite songs and add it onto the player. Users can also the change the skin as and when their moods change. However, if you want to watch videos, you are better off using VLC.

6. ALLPlayer

ALLPlayer has been created by a Polish company and the best part is that it adds subtitles to videos! However, if you use the format called Matroska, you will be disappointed as it supports all but this particular one.

7. Chroma

This media player is basically ideal for those who like to watch video clips and movies on a regular basis. It will support Quicktime and DivX formats but if you want it to play anything else, you will need to download the required codec. A film on a DVD as well as audio files will work as well. (This download is only foe MAC OS)

8. CoreAVC

CoreAVC is definitely the fastest media player around today. Some players refuse to play such videos that are not of the great quality, but this one does not discriminate. It may have certain shortcomings, but it is pretty perfect as far as media players go. It will cost you about 10 dollars.

9. Crystal Player

This Russian media player comes in different versions but the first one continues to be the best even though the rest have better features. However, when using media players, simple skins are the best because you really don’t want to confuse yourself- all you want to do is listen to some songs.


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