Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hidden Programs In Windows XP !

I am using Windows Xp for a long period of time, but I was not knowing about this hidden applications that are present pre-installed in my computer. Is it strange to hear , but true that some good programs are hidden in Windows XP.  Following are the programs try it on...

1. Private Character Editor :

Private Character Editor is a limited font editor that comes with Windows for creating private use characters.

Steps to start:

1. Start>>Run
2. Now, type eudcedit

2. Dr. Watson :

Dr. Watson is an application debugger included with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is usually named drwatson.exedrwtsn32.exe or dwwin.exe depending on the version of Windows. This an inbuilt windows repairing software.

Steps to start:

1.  Start>> Run

2. Now, type drwtsn32

3. iExpress :

IExpress is a technology designed to simplify creation of a setup program. Using the step-by-step IExpress Wizard, you can create self-extracting files that automatically run the setup program contained inside.

Steps to start:

1. Start>>Run
2. Now, type iexpress


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