Monday, 15 August 2011

Fun with Notepad

Notepad is the default text editor in the Microsoft Windows OS. Many people prefer alternatives to notepad such as Notepad++, but did you know that notepad can do much more than just view and edit text ? Notepad is not only used for coding ppurpose but one can also enjoy having fun with it. I'll teach you how to do so.

1. Log Trick

Everyone wanted to make his/her own digital diary so that he can write his day experience. But do we know that this feature is inbuilt in Windows? Notepad can be used so.
  • Open Notepad
  • TYpe ".LOG"
  • Save it as LOG.txt

Now when you open notepad, the date and time will automatically be inserted. Write anything you want and the date and time is auto inserted. Your own Diary is ready!

2. Open a file using notepad

Here is a simple trick to open any file or program with notepad.

Open notepad and type the following:
Start path of file

Then save the file as Shortcut.bat
Please note that the file type should be kept as ALL FILES while saving it as a .bat file.

Change path of file with your actual file path. For example if you have a file called run with an extension .exe in the folder TEST in C:\ drive, then your path should be something like this: C:\TEST\run.exe

If you want to open some complicated programs such as Firefox, then use this code:
START /d “path of folder” program.extension

Change path of folder with the actual path of the folder, and put the name of the program with its extension. For example if you have a file called run with an extension of .exe in the folder TEST in C:\ drive, then your code should be something like this: START /d “C:\TEST” run.exe


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