Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to install Zune on Windows without downloading updates?

Zune software is your one stop for music and entertainment. Manage and view your songs, videos, and pictures. Rip and burn CDs. Create playlists. Edit track and album information. And Zune software can automatically import your existing files, including your music and video from iTunes and Windows Media Player.

But the major problem arises during installation. It get easily install on Windows 7 but on Windows XP sometimes it asks for downloading updates upto 100 MB for the installation. Its takes time, moreover who has time to wait...? Here I will show you how to install Zune Software without downloading updates! Just follow the given steps and the Work in DONE...!

1. Download the Zune Software from its Official site. ( I hope you might have Winrar or 7-Zip installed on your system. Here I using Opensource compressing tool, 7-Zip.

2. Right click on the install package, scroll to "7-Zip" caption and then extend to "Extract Here".

3. The files get extracted. Open the folder where the files are extracted. You will see two folders plus two more files. If you want to install 32 bit, open x86 else x64 folder. Here I am going to install 32 bit. Open x86 folder.

4. In the opened folder, you will see numeral other folders. Search for the folder named "packages" and open it.

5. In the packages folder, you will many Windows Installer Packages. Search for the package named "zune-x86" and double click it.

6. The installation will start and after few minutes, Zune is installed on your system...!