Saturday, 9 March 2013

Top URL Shortening Services

URL shortening services have become one of the best services which are used my millions daily in areas like social networking and Internet marketing and are extremely useful in Internet conversations on services like twitter when someone want to share a link. This services help one to SMS the links of sites that have character more than 140 characters. Here I am going to detail some of the most famous and easy to use URL shortening Service providers.


  • Real time analytics showing how many people click through your links, how many came via StumbleUpon in particular and who the most prolific “reTweeters” have been.
  • Easy publishing to Twitter and Facebook, including the ability to schedule those links and messages to be pushed out at a particular time.
  • “Suggested posting time” metrics, based on historical data concerning when people are most likely to click through your links.
  • A handy bookmarklet that makes submission of links quick and easy.
  • Good to build traffic

  • Sharing functionality.
  • History Viewer.
  • Advance Tools, side bar bookmarklet, developer tools.
  • Good to build traffic

  • Shrink any URL into a short BudURL 
  • Inbound links redirect with a 307 for maximum SEO performance
  • Organize all of your BudURLs into a single account
  • Add notes to each BudURL to keep track of where you place it (ex: Twitter profile link, LinkedIn comment, Email signature, banner advertisement, etc.)
  • Watch your Click Stream to see real-time click activity including the referrer, IP Address, Network, etc.
  • Create custom BudURL vanity aliases like
  • Edit destination URL
  • Reset click values
  • Delete BudURLs
  • Unique Visits per click
  • Download click traffic
  • See the keywords used to find your BudURL

  • Keep record of your urls
  • Simple and fast processing
  • Get detail analysis of each links.

  • Browser toolbar
  • Control your alias by providing a custom one
  • URL Redirection
  • Hide Affiliate URLs
  • Preview Feature
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